Green chair/red chair

This is the first of two paintings, for a friend's cottage.  They're from photographs I took years ago.  His dad made the chairs.  I've spent three days painting this one, and have only done a small area.  I think it's going to take a while...

Charlie Feb 1 whole.JPG

Charlie's Dad's green chair '02 (3).jpg

This is the original photograph.

Green chair Feb 5.JPG

Slowly working on the leaves in the background.  I haven't decided if I'm going to add any text to this or not.  I need to find a verse I like to go with them, or write one, if I can't find one that exists already.  This is layer one of at least three.

Charlie Feb 8.JPG

I managed to get a bit more done.  I would like to attach a bit of text to it, but I haven't found the right verse yet.


Managed to get layer one on the entire chair.  So far, so good.