Skeleton cover for book X (2).JPG

dancing down entropy street - the book, this is the cover for my book, recently submitted to Amazon.  It's from a painting for the poem 'anchor'.

Book received August 15 2018 (2).JPG

Got the author's proof in the mail this morning.  The doorbell rang at quarter to nine, and I thought, I'm not getting out of bed, then I thought, it might be the book, so I leapt out of bed, and it was here.  Now I can go through it and make all the necessary corrections.  I'm also in the middle of doing the e-book.  It's fantastic to see it in paper and ink after a year of working on it. 

Book I dream of angels Aug 15 '18 (2).JPG

Pages 10 and 11.  The poem 'I dream of angels'.  Painting and collage. 

Book the circus of the walking dead Aug 15 '18 (2).JPG

Pages 8 and 9.  The poem 'the circus of the walking dead'.  I'm going to have prints available for sale on Amazon too.  This image of the jester is going to be one of them.

Book back cover Aug 15 '18 (2).JPG

The back cover.  Photo of me at 1 year old.  I actually remember about 30 seconds of having my photograph taken for this picture.  The camera was one of those old-fashioned ones where the photographer had to duck under a black cape to take the picture.  Mistake number one, it's supposed to say 'the time for random acts of alchemy is now'.  I tell you.

dancing down entropy street - review

After a year and a half of working way above my pay grade, I’ve managed to submit my book to Amazon. It’s in the review process now. I don’t know how long that’s going to take, or if there are going to be issues to fix, but it’s progress.

dancing down entropy street - in review.

In review. Finger’s crossed there won’t be any problems.

dancing down entropy street screen shot.

Screen shot of pages 8 and 9.