Miscellaneous projects, Eye glass case, Tea Bag Tag Clips

I bought a new pair of drugstore magnifying glasses, but I didn't like the case that came with them, so I made one out of canvas, then painted it.  I ended up lining it with some black felt, which feels nicer.

Jo eye glass holder canvas painted stencilled Oct 6 '17.JPG

My name, stenciled in gold and red on brown/black painted canvas.


The back of the case.  My favourite number.

Oct 21 sunglasses.JPG

A case for my sunglasses.  Front.


The back of the case, with the number 666 in red/orange, over the stenciled word Paris.

TBag clips teapots (2).JPG

I made these from place card holder teapots and beads.  You clip them onto your tea bag tag to keep it from getting pulled into the tea pot or cup when you pour the boiling water into it. 

I like the skull one, of course.


This was my first Tag Clip, with a teapot charm from Michael's.  Jo Forrest 2018.


Small moon globe, front.


Small moon globe, back.  Globe from the thrift shop, painted black, white painted craters. 
Not finished.