Photons and pixels

Photographs, just for themselves.

Hydrangea soft focus for book resized down.jpg

Hydrangea in the snow.  Soft focus. 

Ice Y photo for book resized down.jpg

Ice Y photo.  I took this photograph of frozen lake ice near the art gallery, in Peterborough. 

I had a print made to hang in the bathroom.

Shell NZ '11.JPG

Curled shell on a black volcanic sand beach, in New Zealand.

Calender Sea Shell.jpg

Shell, Sayona Island, Dominican Republic.

Cactus flower.JPG

Cactus flower, Dominican Republic.

Leaf 2.jpg

Leaf, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

blue peeling paint.jpg

Peeling paint, Fenlon Falls.

Metal door 3.JPG

Door on a chimney, Oshawa.

trip door Paris linen shop straightened.jpg

Door, in Paris, Ont.

Chris and Dot 2 (2).JPG

Chris and Dot.

Peony backlit 1.jpg

Peony, Oshawa.

reflection on wall copy.jpg

Reflection on the wall.

Lily sepia altered.jpg

Sepia Lily, Paris, Ont.

car wash blur.JPG

'Blur', car wash photo.

sunlight on sheer curtain.jpg

A photo from the '70's.